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Most CPA firms charge by the hour to prepare your tax return.  That sounds fair, but it’s hard to estimate what the cost will be to have a professional prepare your taxes using that method.  Instead, we charge per form for individual tax preparation.  Use the calculator below to get an idea of what we would charge to prepare your individual return.  Below the calculator is our price list for business returns.  If you compare our rates to any other CPA firm in the area, you will see that we are very competitive.  Let us put our years of experience in preparing individual and business tax returns to work for you.

Business Tax Preparation Fees

The following fees are activities based. As such, fees are based on your company’s gross income, or expenses, whichever is greater. A 30% additional fee applies for the preparation of any prior year tax returns. These rates apply for all corporations, LLCs, LPs, Partnerships, and other business entities.

(Activities of $100K or less)
(Activities of $101K to $199K)
(Activities of $200K to $299K)
(Activities of $300K to $599K)
(Activities of $600K to $800K)
(Activities of $801K to $1M)
(Activities of $1.1M to $2M)
(Activities of $2.1M to $3M)
(Activities of $3.1M to $4M)
(Activities greater than $4 Million)
$ 419.00 (Fed & State)
$ 524.00 (Fed & State)
$ 629.00 (Fed & State)
$ 839.00 (Fed & State)
$ 944.00 (Fed & State)
$1,209.00 (Fed & State)
$1,523.00 (Fed & State)
$2,089.00 (Fed & State)
$2,572.00 (Fed & State)
Fees are negotiated


Our fees are subject to changes based on the condition of your financial records. The above fees are for Tax Preparation Services only. If you would like us to organize and prepare your financial statements prior to preparing your tax returns, additional fees will apply. Additionally, the above fees are the same whether or not we have to prepare both federal & state.

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