Tax Planning and Preparation

We can show you ways to minimize your tax impact, and help you utilize new changes in tax law. We can watch out for you year-round to keep you on the good side of the IRS, and point out ways to save.

Bookkeeping Services
Are you considering hiring a full-time staff person to take care of your books?  Would you like someone to completely take over your bookkeeping so you can concentrate on what you do best? Or maybe you have it under control but need someone to help guide you with a monthly monitoring check in?  Either way,  we can help!  We have bookkeepers on staff so you can be sure your books are up to date.  If you use accounting software and think you’ve got things pretty much under control, but would still like someone to take a look at them once a month, we can help with that as well.  We can work on your books remotely without leaving our office, which saves us time and you money!

Business Structure Setup
Thinking about setting up an entity?  We can help.  Not sure which type of entity is best?  We can walk you through the tax ramifications of each type of entity so you can choose the best structure for your business.

Benefits Planning

Have you considered offering your employees a benefit plan to make their job more rewarding?401k plans, pensions, and insurance plans are great ways to improve the lives of your staff while increasing productivity and retention.

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Succession Planning
It is estimated that 90% of all family-owned businesses fail after the death of the founder, due to the estate tax burden placed on the remaining family members.  Don’t be a statistic!  We can develop an estate plan and succession plan early in the life of your business. Working together with your CPA, attorney and other trusted advisors, Bernie can help you determine your best business outcome. Maybe you want to cash out, travel and have fun while the wealth you’ve built keeps growing. Maybe you want to fund a buy/sell agreement. Perhaps you want to transfer ownership to a family member or key employee. Whatever your choice, Bernie can lead your team and smooth the process for you and your employees.

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